1. Step 1
    Submit Property.
    Submit your property information on our website or by calling us direct at (956) 230-3033
  2. Step 2
    Initial Contact.
    We will review your information and schedule a time to view the property as soon as possible
  3. Step3
    House Inspection.
    Within 48 hours. One of our team members will evaluate the property to determine our offer.
  4. Step4
    Offer Analysis.
    After speaking with you and visiting the property, we will review all the information gathered in order to determine the offer.
  5. Step 5
    Cash Offer.
    If your home fits our purchase criteria, we will present you with an offer within 48 hours of viewing the property.
  6. Step 6
    Closing Day.
    We can typically close within 7-14 days. You never pay any fees or commissions when we buy your home cash
  7. Step 7
    Problem Solved.
    Problem Solved. Now you can forget about your problem property and move on with your life.